About Us

Our team of advisers provide personalized advising and support services for individuals who are
entering college/university,and who are pursuing a healthcare degree/license. Our clients are in all stages of the health professions academic pathway: high school, college, health profession school, and non-U.S.-trained healthcare providers. The team consists of highly qualified advisors and educators from the various disciplines in healthcare, who have worked in admissions offices and health professions schools at several of the most selective colleges and universities. Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare education, enabling the team to provide concierge level services.

Our advising teams have the expertise to help answer questions about the diversity of health professional careers, which include, but are not limited to the following health careers:

Chiropractic Medicine
Podiatric Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine
Physician Assistant
Veterinary Medicine


High School Client

For high school clients pursuing a career as a healthcare provider, our team provides a unique advantage over other admissions advisors. Advisors are experts in each stage of the academic pathway to achieving a health profession degree, thus; we offer ongoing services that increase the potential for attaining career goals. Our services go beyond the acceptance to undergraduate education.

College Client

Facing challenging economic times, colleges and universities are taking it upon themselves to do what they can to maintain operations and survive. The trend for colleges and universities is to create a “bare bones” educational model that provides financial support for instructional programs and reduces spending on student services (counseling, career guidance, tutoring, and other services intended to support students outside of the formal instructional program). Due to the reduction in spending on student services and the increase in demands on faculty and staff, personalized advising and tracking of the students’ progress is becoming difficult. That is where our team becomes instrumental. Although it may be possible to choose the proper courses, find meaningful health-related experience, explore personal strengths and weaknesses and negotiate the complexities of admissions process independently, our team can provide advice and guidance throughout their undergraduate education that will greatly ease the students’ burden and family stress. Students can focus on their studies, and family members can be at ease knowing their child is getting individualized advisement.

Student Doctor/Non-U.S. Trained Health Professional Client

Many clients at this level of their education or professional career do not know where to seek help or prefer to seek help outside of their current environment. Our services for health professional students/providers are personalized to individual needs, and confidential. Advisors are selected based on need and expertise to ensure a high level of service is provided. Services offered include study and test-taking skills, national board examination assistance, career advisement, clinical experience, and residency/fellowship application process. Our professional network can provide additional services, based on individual request.

International Client

US Colleges and Universities, are committed to enroll a diverse population that includes highly qualified students from around the world. Our advisors assist our international clients in navigating higher education in United States. We provide a full-service approach that includes all aspects of the admissions process and ongoing support to our clients and their families. We take the stress of the unknown away and create an environment for success. Your journey to earning a degree in United States is only an email away.

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